The new planetary cone disc variators of the PATENTED – REGD series VARIO are built in an aluminium die-casted housing in 3 sizes: small, medium and large, respectively for motors of IEC size 63, 71 and 80.

The cone discs are made in case hardened bearing steel, to increasethe durability of each VARIO.

VARIO can operate in both directions, input and output shafts rotate in the same direction. Hand wheel can be fitted to both sides of control box for convenient installation.

Working priciples

VARIO is based on an epicyclic transmission at variable ratios.

The motor rotates the inner solar rings 10 (spliced on the motor shaft) and 11, that, pressed by the belleville washers 12, transmit the rotation to the satellite cone disks 7.

These satellites are in contact with the outer fixed external ring 9 and the external mobile ring 6, and impart rotation to the planet carrier 8 (integral with the output shaft) to which they are connected through the friction bearing planet disk 3.

Rotating the control knob, the mobile ring 6 rotates and operates an axial shifting; this movement is caused by the action of the ball rings 5 on the opposite orbits rings (4 and 6); this shifting movement operates on the conic sides of the planets which move radially inside the 10 and 11 solar rings, overcoming the springs 12 reaction. In this way, the variation of the contact position on the planets sides determines the planet supports speed variation, and as a consequence that of the output shaft speed too.

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