Parallel shaft gear units



Various mounting and possible applications by Uniblock - gear case!

The UNIBLOCK® gear housing machined on all sides, the particularly stable housing and minimum outside dimensions enable diverse mounting options and applications. As aresult, these motors often form an integral part of our customers machine designs.

High precision manufacturing and top gearing quality guarantee minimum backlash in Watt Drive gear units.

Technical Data

  • Number of sizes: 3
  • Power Range: 0,12 - 55kW
  • Output torque range: 1,781 - 14,000Nm
  • Ratio: 4 - 18,800
  • Output option: output shaft, output shaft on both sides, hollow shaft, hollow shaft with shrink disc, agitaor drive execution
  • Assembly/mounting: uniblock, flange


Small Parallel shaft geared motors F

Thanks to their structural design, parallel shaft gear units are particularly suitable for conveyor technology appli- cations. All six sizes can be fitted with either a hollow shaft, output shaft, mounting flange or shrink disc. The ratio range of gear unit sizes F04 to F07 can be extended by a third gear stage.

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