Swivel feet, levelling feet

Levelling feet are often used in machine construction where a machine is positioned on an uneven surface. The levelling feet compensate for this unevenness. Levelling feet guarantee an optimum height compensation together with high stability.

Levelling feet comprise a baseplate in conjunction with a matching threaded rod. The plate is available in plastic , die-cast zinc or stainless steel. In the KIPP online shop there are numerous varieties and possibilities, such as e.g. levelling feet with hexagonal- or round or knurled edge plates. Apart from the classical machine foot types, there are also swivel feet with vibration dampening and, for many levelling feet, an anti-slip plate.

These anti-slip plates can take up light transverse forces preventing any side slippage of the levelling feet.    

If it is desired that the levelling foot is pre-assembled it is important that the word "assembled" is included in the order.

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